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Certain Signs, Symptoms May Help Identify Lung Cancer Earlier

Researchers have identified 11 signs and symptoms in patients that may help oncologists identify lung cancer sooner. The study was published as a preprint and has not yet been peer reviewed. First Look

Can Lung Cancer Be Detected in Breath Analyzer?

The breath analyzer, which detects carcinogenic volatile compounds (VOCs) could be used in primary care for an initial diagnosis of potential lung cancer, but not a final diagnosis, says expert. Medscape Medical News

New System Boosted Lung Cancer Surgery by 43% in Black Patients

A unique real-time warning system increased timely lung cancer surgery by identifying patients who were at risk of dropping out of treatment. Medscape Medical News

Adagrasib Shows Durable Benefit in KRAS-Mutated NSCLC

Adagrasib shows durable clinical benefit in previously treated, advanced KRASG12C-mutated non-small cell lung cancer, including patients with brain metastases. Medscape Medical News

Some Smokers Don't Get Lung Cancer; Genetics Might Explain It

Smoking can cause cell mutations that lead to lung cancer; however, some people may have a genetic defense against it. WebMD Health News

Cancer and COVID: What Can Increase Risk of Dying?

A large meta-analysis suggests that younger age and lung and blood cancers, as well as treatment with chemotherapy, raise the risk for death from COVID-19. Medscape Medical News

Quitting Smoking Even After Lung Cancer Diagnosis Worth Doing

Accumulating data show that patients who quit smoking at or around the time they are diagnosed with lung cancer live longer than those who continue to smoke. Medscape Medical News

Women With Lung Cancer Live Longer Than Men

The survival advantage for women with lung cancer over that of men is largely accounted for by known prognostic factors, Australian researchers report. Medscape Medical News

EU OK for New Drugs for Lung Cancer and Follicular Lymphoma

Capmatinib for lung cancer and mosunetuzumab for follicular lymphoma have been recommended for approval in the European Union. International Approvals

New Trials in Lung Cancer: Could Your Patients Benefit?

Several studies in lung cancer have started enrolling recently ― maybe one of your patients could benefit. Medscape Medical News

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