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On the Road of The Lancet Commission on Women, Cancer, and Power: Engaging Men to Support Women Toward Gender Equity in Africa’s Medical Workforce

By Khalid El Bairi, MDI read with great interest about the recent launch of The Lancet Commission on Women, Power, and Cancer, which anticipates system-wide structural changes in gender and global health to promote equity and social justice.1 This significant advancement has established a roadmap for promoting the leadership of women in oncology worldwide,...

Women Mentoring Women: A Thank You Note to My Two Heroes

By Tara Rajendran, MBBS, MFAOn a morning a week ago, I came across this heartwarming Instagram reel of a kind teacher, which inspired me to reflect on the incredibly impactful role played by the two kindest female mentors in two stages of my academic life. The Bi-Colored Pencil It was the first few months of the...

Should Oncologists Continue to Be Ambivalent About Dietary Supplement Use by Their Patients?

After reconciling the short list of the prescribed medications, I asked my patient if she was taking any non-prescription medications or supplements. Calmly, she pulled out a large paper bag full of all kinds of substances, including vitamin C, shark cartilage, turmeric, multivitamins, mushroom products, etc.—a scene that is not unfamiliar to many oncologists.Over...

Changing The Narrative: 10 Recommendations for Caring for Young Adults With Lung Cancer

By Narjust Florez, MD, Fatima Wilder, MD, MSc, Lauren Kiel, BS, and Rebekah Kaufman, MSIt is about time that we change the narrative of lung cancer being a disease that impacts elderly men with a smoking history into one that encompasses our modern reality of an inclusive patient population, including women and especially including...

What Does an Inpatient Advanced Practice Provider (APP) Do?: Understanding Variation in APP Roles in Hematology and Oncology

By Camille Petraitis, DNP, FNP-BC, and Christine Schlemmer, PA-CAdvanced practice providers (APPs), comprised of both nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician assistants (PAs), are highly trained, qualified medical professionals who play a vital role providing clinical care to patients with cancer.1 The role of the hematology and oncology (HemOnc) APP focuses on direct patient care...

Caring for Caregivers: An Overdue Need for Effective Intervention

“…and how are you doing?” I asked, gazing at the patient’s spouse during the history taking. She appeared flabbergasted for a few seconds followed by a drastic change in her facial expression, reflecting the amount of burden she was bearing to cope with her husband’s illness. She is used to playing a supporting role...

Publishing in an Open Access Journal: More Than Meets the Eye

By Bilal Anouti, MDTowards the end of my first year of hematology/oncology fellowship, I received an email encouraging me to apply to the ASCO Journals Editorial Fellowship. Having been on the author side for my entire medical career, I have always been intrigued by what goes on behind the curtains in journals and the...

Lessons From the Other Side of Academic Publishing: My Experience as an ASCO Journals Editorial Fellow

By Mona Hassan, MDFor many oncology fellows, including me, the ultimate goal is to have an academic career combining research and clinical practice. At the beginning of fellowship, and as your early career takes off, you focus on doing as much research as you can and publishing as many papers as possible. Of course,...

When the Two M’s — Motherhood and Medical Oncology — Intersect

By Atlal Abusanad, MD, MSc, FRCPC, CIPIn the months leading up to my maternity leave, I informed my patients that I would be away for a particular length of time and that a colleague will be available to cover my duties. The delight of preparing for my newborn was tempered by my sense of...

Geriatric Oncology: A Training Opportunity That Has Come of Age

By Fernando Diaz, MD, Anahid Hamparsumian, MD, Melisa L. Wong, MD, MAS, and Grant R. Williams, MD, MPHBy 2030, it is projected that 70% of all cancer diagnoses will occur in older adults.1 Despite the increased incidence of cancer in this age group, older adults are traditionally under-represented in clinical trials and outcome measures...

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